Welcome to Novoye Pokoleniye Initiated by the students of The Institute of Russian Language, this association aims to foster cultural, social and literary development. It is a platform for the youth to promote and showcase their talent and/or creativity.

About Us

“The good qualities in our soul are most successfully and forcefully awakened by the power of art. Just as science is the intellect of the world, art is its soul.” Maxim Gorky

We are happy to declare ourselves as GENERATION NEXT (a.k.a. NOVOYE POKOLENIYE). We are happy to share with the youth of the world a forum to showcase talents here in Kolkata, India.

We hope to create a different world, ushering in a global culture of friendship imbued with innovative ideas from fresh minds.

Hailing from different walks of life, we are proud to share our versatality.

The launch of NOVOYE POKOLENIYE was held with modest pomp and grandeur. Mr. A. V. Mazirka, Director of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture Kolkata along with the leading representatives of different friendly clubs and associations graced the inaugural ceremony.

We welcome you to a preview of the show at our Gallery Section!



  • First Meet
  • Wednesday 7th May, 2014 , 18:30 hrs.
  • The Club's Vision
  • Proposed Organization Structure
  • Key members speak
  • Ideation Hour
  • Open Items and Action points
  • Upcoming Event layout
  • Member Admissions!
  • Inauguration
  • Friday 18th July, 2014 , 18:30 hrs.
  • Welcome Speech – Suhashini Rao
  • Lighting of the Ceremonial Lamp by the dignitaries
  • Formal Inauguration Address by Mr. Alexander Mazarika , Director , RCSC , Kolkata
  • Reading out the Preamble including Formal welcome address – Somraj Dutta
  • Group Performance – “Moscow Evening”
  • Group Performance - Set the context by singing “Kalinka”
  • Bharat Natyam Performance - Ipshita Guha
  • Vocal Performance - Dr. Soumyasiddha Chakraborty
  • Vocal Performance - Saptadeepa Banerjee
  • Vocal Performance - Arjobeer
  • Mono-Act – “Bini Poyeshaar Bhoj” - Parag Roy
  • Vocal Performance - Arjan Biswas
  • Vocal Performance - Dipankar Ganguly
  • Closing Rendition – Group Performance "Katyusha"
  • Proposed August Events
  • Vocal Performance - Kanta Biswas
  • Vocal Performance - Saptadeepa Banerjee
  • Dance Recital
  • Life and Creativity of Pablo Neruda with Powerpoint Presentation - Debdatta Maitra
  • Pablo Neruda : Our Contemporary - Sommraj Dutta
  • Proposed September Events
  • Theme - Russia and Tagore
  • Commemorative Photographic Exhibition
  • Tagore Songs
  • Quiz
  • Film Screening
  • Next


    GENERATION NEXT - A platform for the youth to promote and showcase their talent and/or creativity..

    Photo Credits : Devabrata Roy

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